American VS British Food Challenge

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Hi! Someone told me about your blog and I'm really interested in studying in the UK (I live in the US) and I have a ton of questions and don't even know where to start! Would you mind helping me out a little? :)
wannabegradstudent wannabegradstudent Said:

Hello! Of course, I will try and help you as best as I can.

Hi! I'm going to be applying for my visa really soon and I was wondering, did you need any paperwork regarding any loans needed to pay tuition? Cheers!
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If I remember correctly, I recieved a document from the university saying that I was paying my tuition with loans etc. Double check with the international office at your university. Visa requirements are always changing. :)


Tynemouth, Newcastle upon Tyne

You can read about my own trip to Tynemouth here.

British vs American - TRUE or FALSE

I'm moving to Newcastle in a few months. Do you have any tips for adjusting to such a different culture... Or any advice really? Something you wish some had told you before you left for England.
wannabegradstudent wannabegradstudent Said:

Try not to pack too much. That was my biggest mistake, I think. I had to dump some of my clothing at a friend’s house the night before I left. I did not realize my suitcases were overweight! :O