Freshers Week Days 4 & 5 (also known as the day I got lots of free food)

Wednesday was one of the slower days. Opened a UK bank account and walked around city center and discovered the wonderful Grainger Market (more details in another post). Ended out the night at a comedy show that was actually pretty funny!

Thursday was the last official day of freshers (and all of the pictures are from then). I managed to score FREE FOOD ALL DAY. Lunch was hog roast then we went back to Tynemouth because it was a really nice day. Got some fish and chips again. Put my feet in the North Sea! After hanging out there for a while we came back to campus and got ready to go on a grub crawl with the Christian Union folks. And may I add:


Not that I have many to compare to. But everyone agreed (the ones that had gone on Sunday) that it was loads better. Started off at Pitcher and Piano (a great place near the Tyne, has a perfect view of the Millennium Gate Bridge) like last time but this time around the starters were buffet style. Bread, olives and cheese, and this other stuff that I forgot but was really good. We had the whole upstairs to ourselves so that was great too. Main course at an Italian restaurant where we had pizza, pasta, and these cheesy rice dish. We shared among ourselves but they kept refilling whenever a dish became empty. Desert was back on campus at the theater resturant where we had the upstairs to ourselves as well. Desert was the beeessstttt part.

After that we went down to The Gate - the university had rented out this whole entertainment complex just for Newcastle students. It was fun for a little while but then we all were tired so we called it a night. One thing that I do like about the freshers staff is that they had shuttles taking people home. And by home I mean those who did not live in uni housing! Two girls from our group ended up taking a shuttle and the rest of us just walked back since we lived in uni accommodation.

Though freshers week is over, I had a good time going to all of the events. However, it definitely wears you out! I think most of us are ready for a routine now of classes - though we are going to regret saying that in about a week. haha

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