Berlin, Germany

Of all the places I visited from the U.K., Germany is ranked pretty high. There is so much history in this country - granted, not always the happiest memories - and the history buff in me could not get enough. I found it all very fascinating.

As always, I started my trip with a walking tour through Sandeman’s. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I constantly recommend this company as a perfect introduction to a new city. We started at Brandenburg Gate and went to places such as The Reichstag, The Berlin Wall, and Checkpoint Charlie.

Being in Hitler’s former stomping grounds was mind numbing. I have heard the stories, read the books, and seen the films. However, standing in the country - in the city¬†- where it all took place…I could not wrap my brain around it. The tour guide took us to this parking lot where we stood above Hitler’s bunker. Underneath our feet was the place where Hitler committed suicide. Naturally, there was no way for us to see it up close. We all stared at the concrete beneath our shoes and imagined the dark hiding place below.

Seeing the Berlin Wall was also an ‘awe’ moment for me. When you really think about it, it was taken down a short time ago. 1989 was the year I was born and when the wall was taken down. Twenty four years is not long considering how long it was up in the first place.

The photos above are a small collection of what I saw on the tour and I will post more in separate entries. You can read more about my fun times in Berlin by clicking the links below. The fun includes:

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